Tupac Tribute Page

So I finished my Tribute to Tupac Shakur. I thought it was kind of fitting since the 20th anniversary of his death just passed. It would be great if I could get some feedback. Id really appreciate it.https://codepen.io/douglassteven7777/full/YGwmbJ/

The text is impossible to read with that background image. You can try changing the text color to white then add some text-shadow.

I also noticed that the image repeats near the bottom. Try adding background-size: cover; so it covers as much of the space as possible.

Ok Thanks. Can I resubmit it? LOL. I already turned it in.

You don’t have to resubmit. Just change the code.

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oh ok. Nice. This is really all new to me. Appreciate the feedback

I changed it. It still is hard to read. Maybe tomorow Ill just pull the background image out