Turakas: A Pre Nuclear Card Game

Turakas: A Pre Nuclear Card Game
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So I made a game. It is a multi player card game based on Durak. If you are from former Soviet Union, you know how to play. If you were not so fortunate, then just trust the green. Green is good, green is legal. And pay attention to the button underneath the cards. Trump suit and the size of the deck are visible on the right upper corner.

Aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards.
You take turns as an attacker and defender.
Attacker goes first with any card.
Defender has to cover it with higher rank of the same suit OR with one of the trumps.
Then attacker can add more cards of any rank already on the board.
If you can’t defend, you must pick up all the cards on the board.
When defender picks up, attacker can add more cards that match the ranks on the board.
Every round players’ hands get replenished from the deck, until the deck is empty.

Again, the trump suit and deck length are on the top right corner.

Writing all this down, makes me think that a tutorial should be in order. Go figure.

There is a catch though. Two players are needed to start the game. Considering that no living person besides my mother and girlfriend is aware of said game, waiting times can be harsh.

So, without further ado:
:spades::hearts: turakas.com :diamonds::clubs:


I got bored waiting for an opponent. Maybe your next implementation will have a computer opponent?


I just created two tabs to try it out. Game looks and works great, I have absolutely no idea how to play. Guess I wasn’t fortunate to live in the Union.


Waiting for opponent… :upside_down_face:

Nice box shadow on the X button!


Nameless won! No idea if that was me or the other person! If I knew what was going on it would be better I guess :slightly_smiling_face:
Nice try.


Lets iterate.
AI is online

We made Nameless a placeholder
Lets remove button disabling what occurs when name is shorter than 3 chars
We dont want disabled buttons nor login walls
Lets remove that login wall

People want to press the new game button, but are careful. Or maybe they don’t understand that it is a button.

fix winning and losing mixup
remove login wall all together
join button will be more cohesive with the newGame btn

Turakas needs to recharge. See ya!

– Okay, its a sunny day, so we can keep working.

I think i got it now. Not one, but all walls must go.

  • Clean out Turakas component
  • Hook up inputs and outputs
  • Render successfully


i won a game and it showed - Loser at the end on my site but i got the win after the game finished ^^
so maybe there should be small fixes made :slight_smile: but otherwise really cool idea.
Loved the game durring school although I´m not from russia or the former soviet union I had several friends from there durring school time and we playerd it a lot durring our breaks :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch.
This bug comes from the fact that Durak is played not until the winner is clear, but until there is only one player remaining: Durak. The Fool. Village Idiot. Or something other flattering.

For Turakas, it makes more sense to herald the victor as such.

But this seems like something that could be voted for.

What do you guys and gals think, should Turakas be played so that we celebrate the winner, or we berate the loser?

Victor ? celebrate the winner
       : berate silver medalist


I vote to celebrate the Winner instead of mocking the loser.

celebrate   : 1
berate      : 0
Total votes : 1

The One     : celebrate


Turakas will be online in about 30 minutes. Until then, you can play against each other.
gg hf