Turn off "suggestion" spacing?

Is there a way to turn off the automatic pre-spacing for our lessons? I would prefer the challenge of having to read and find this like I would in real life and am finding it harder to absorb the material when there is a very obvious space in the code that was added to show me where I am suppose to look. I found it useful on the first 20 or 30 examples, but now I can tell that it’s affecting my absorption because my eyes go to the obvious hole rather than searching for the correct place on my own.

Part of the reason for the skeleton code is that it makes solutions much more testable. By controlling for things like function signatures or calling context, there are fewer things that could cause false-negatives in tests. I’ not sure where you’re at in the curriculum, but the amount of provided code does decrease once the syntax lessons are over and it transitions into logic problems.

no, the seed code is pre-written, not generated in some way
to change the seed code one would need to go and edit it manually

you can propose this by creating a GitHub Issue

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