Turning 51 today. Restarting FreeCodeCamp for the nth time and thinking about doing a public video diary of my progress

For some background. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Computer Science. However, I never worked in my area of studies and not for a lack of trying.

I found FreeCodeCamp a while back and I started doing the curriculum. But, I found myself on more than one occasion restarting my progress. My longest and most recent streak was in 2020 while I was on furlough from my job.

Here is my profile and progress:

I want to restart my progress and make some sort of video diary (YouTube) of my progress to help me make myself accountable for it. Personally, #100DaysofCode and the FreeCodeCamp streak counter put unnecessary burden on my learning because I want to keep up with them instead of focusing on what I have learned. Also, Imposter Syndrome is a big challenge for me.

I appreciate your comments, suggestions and advice in advance.

Thank you!

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welcome back and good luck in your journey :slight_smile:

  • some loves a ‘smaller’ chunnks completions as a ‘dopamine’ boosts and keeps them going,
  • but if you find it distracting then dont focus on that much rather put that on ‘contents’ and curriculum

there is never a Single Answer that fits us all kind of response to things like that, i suppose :slight_smile: veel success en happy learning :slight_smile:

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