Tutorials for beginners about IDEs, Github

Maybe it would be a good idea to include either as part of the Responsive Web Design curriculum, or as a separate curriculum, tutorials explaining things such as IDEs, what Github is, and things like that for beginners.

Edit to add developer tools.

There are a lot of tutorials like this in /news. To my mind there are a couple of problems with baking these into the curriculum.

  • They don’t fit into either the current lesson format of Read-Code-Test or the v7 format of project-driven learning.
  • freeCodeCamp has remained pretty software agnostic in its curriculum. Teaching a particular IDE, browser, and hosting platform runs counter to that.
  • They can get out of date quickly.

My preference would be to have more navigation options in /news to more easily find articles and tutorials by topic.


That makes sense.
/news is not very prominent. I think I looked at it once. Making it more searchable for content like this would be great.