Tutorials on many sites age quickly. How does a new dev cope?

I did a fairly long YouTube course on android dev that got me started with Java and the Android Studio, but it was slightly outdated. I really want to get into games, and libGDX seems the way (or at least one of the ways) to do it. I’ve followed a couple of decent tutorials for those as well, but still run into issues with updates causing incompatibility with certain parts. How do people learn when the very thing we’re trying to learn changes so quickly? (I am 49 years old and programmed in BASIC as a kid, learned Pascal in HS and have made websites with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL…)

I’m I’m specifically trying to learn a technology I’ve never used before, I do try to find up-to-date resources first. Usually a good first stop is the official documentation.

But beyond that… You just sort of accept that by the time you find it, any material may be somewhat out of date. Things like tutorials and courses are still good for teaching you the core concepts and fundamentals. Sure, some of the syntax may have changed or specific features may have been added or deprecated, but as long as the material is relatively recent it shouldn’t cause too big of a barrier.

I personally evade youtube courses unless they have been released recently, and go over a specific topic that I know ahead of time is still relevant.

The issue with video tutorials is they are vastly harder to edit compared to written documentation. This isn’t to say written documentation doesn’t get outdated, but its much easier to maintain text-based documentation.

As said above, the official docs will usually be the most reliable resource.

Something like Android development is also an area where new features are released very often. The same goes for the web, where new major releases are released per year. Its work itself to “keep up”.

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