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Hi, I just started learning python and I’m stuck because of this.


Already created an app on twitter-developer, retrieved and put the authentication keys and secret into the, but still I got this error. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

Hello, krochet94
I don’t exactly what you want to do, but this error comes from an order that was understood but cannot be executed because of the twitter’s limitation on your developer account, make sure the API function you are using allows you to execute that order, and that it is not something that have to pay to have access.

List of http erros from Twitter

Twitter changed the default settings for new dev accounts around this time.
I kept getting “Failed to Retrieve HTTP Error 403: Forbidden” on every twitter access in the Python course, until I Applied to go from “Essentials” to “Elevated.”
Everything just worked immediately afterwards.

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Thank you for this note - I was running into the same thing and thought I had to set up oauth authentication:

but really, all I did was upgrade to Elevated and my code worked. Not quite sure why.

Glad it helped. Solution was not obvious.

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