Twitch API Problems

So I’m a little confused with the directions for the Twitch App. On the instruction page for the zipline, it gives you a link to follow that recommends not using the API and just hard-coding a sample JSON as a variable (which is provided in a link) due to issues with using Twitch’s API keys. However, the instruction page also has a section labelled “UPDATE” that says the FCC team has devised a workaround that allows you to use the Twitch API without needing an API key. Running this API in my browser’s search bar, however, returns a 404 Not Found error. What documentation I can find on Twitch’s API seems difficult to understand and doesn’t really seem to tell me how to use their API key when making calls.

It seems like the only way I’ll get through this challenge is to just hard-code the sample JSON, but that seems really lame. Why even do this challenge if I’m not using the API?

I guess I’m wondering if anyone has completed this challenge recently and if they could shed some light on the situation. I’ve been at this for hours and have made zero progress.

You should append routes to the base URL. For example,

IIRC you have to hardcode a handful of twitch users in an array, then use the API on each of them (via for-loop, .forEach, etc)

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OOOOOOOOOOOHHH, that example you gave made it clear for me. I was a little confused about how to use it, but now I see. I’m getting the results I was looking for now. Thanks!