TWITCH API project(or not)

I finished the Twitch project. I am disappointed that I had to hardcode the data instead of using the API. All the same I tried my best to make it meet the user stories.

Don’t worry too much about getting this one “right”, as it’s not going to be required as soon as the new curriculum is rolled out. What sort of problems did you have that you felt you couldn’t use the API?

Well since now twitch requires a client ID to use their API, FreeCodeCamp advises against it for security reasons. I wanted to be able to explore the API more but I didn’t want to compromise security.
I wanted the search results to display the status, whether online or offline as well, but I couldn’t do that adequately. Notice that I used a random number to randomly show some accounts as online and others as offline, so the information isn’t true in real time. I was unable to use the modified statuses in my search results, so I omitted it. If I used the API I would have done it easily because the JSON data would change depending on the status.