Twitch API structure questions

So I have reviewed most of he Twitch API documentation and have a few questions before I started mapping out how I want to approach this project. I have helped other campers debug their code from the JavaScript and logic perspective, but I really did not pay much attention to why certain calls were being made. Now, I want to dig in and figure what is possible in the underlying structure to only make the relevant API calls.


  1. Unless I am missing something, do I even need to use the /users/:user route unless I want the bio information? I ask because it seems like the channels/:channel route has the display name, logo, and lots more data that would be useful.

  2. Would it be correct to say that not all users have channels and/or streams?

  3. Can a channel have more than one stream? If so, does it show up in the channels json data or the streams json data? Can you give me the channel id for such a scenario?

The only two ideas I could come up with (I used to stream for over a year in the past) are:

a. an organization that has several broadcasters that connect to the same channel at various hours.

b. the channel hosting someone else (aka redirecting to another channel to not let the viewers see a “we are off-line” display)

As to the questions:

ad 1. You might want to check the two above mentioned scenarios as they seem to be the only reasonable explanation for having this separation between user and channel.

ad 2. All users have channels, if you have a channel you can stream, not all people stream (even though they can)

ad 3. No you cannot have more than one stream per channel, one channel = one stream, you can have several people stream to one channel though, just not at the same time.

Edit: more accurate information