Twitch Api Viewer: Feedback welcome

Please provide feedback.

Looking solid. I like the filter to Online/Offline though having a different background to distinguish these at a glance could help (e,g, green for online, red for offline).

Thanks. I’ll take it into consideration.

I made changes. Let me know what you think.

Looking nice. One thing I noticed is the list changes order on refresh because of the Ajax request order isn’t guaranteed. What could help is when you iterate over your loop create a container div that the Ajax request puts its result into instead of the overall container in whatever order the requests return in.

I don’t fully understand how this is going to guarantee the order of the ajax response.

If you have something like before all ajax calls:

Div Top
-div name1
-div name2

Then in each ajax call it finds the correctly named div. Currently you have each ajax call add to Top so the order each one is added is dependent on the order the ajax callback is made in.

Ahhh I understand what you mean. Thanks.

I updated the logic. Let me know what you think. Thanks much.

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Looking good it nows has a consistent order.

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