Twitch Challenge

I really wanted to do the Twitch Challenge but cannot find good infomation. I never heard of Twitch before the challenge maybe that is where my problems begins. I was able to do the Weather challenge using XMLHttpRequest() with no problem. I don’t know what JSON data the api is returning because of the need for the client id.
Where does the client id go it enter the information in the browser. Has anyone found helpful documenation? I will stop complaining but really?

Twitch is a site that shows livestreams. It is very popular in the gaming world, and notable Overwatch, Starcraft, Minecraft, World of Tanks, and other players will post livestreams there. A person is “online” when they are streaming, and “offline” when they are not streaming. It is not like youtube where the videos are posted (although youtube now does livestreams anyway).

I found some documentation!

Thanks Isaac for your comments.


Not sure if it’s still 100% up to date, but this blog post was very helpful for me:

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