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Hey folks. :slight_smile:

Hm… I don’t know how to start this. ok. I em dreamer. This is one engine inside my body that pusing me forward.

I start to think about streaming. And before this i start to create many things by myself. And i can say that this is really hard. I not wanna ask other people or disturb them. Pay money and do other things. I just want do self.

I start work with PhotoShop and other programs to make effects in my stream. Well… When i start to stream.

One of my problem that in young days i read about HTML and CSS but that big information just not stick to my brains. :slight_smile:

About my problem. I saw that in streamlabs app are tools to create Even List. But that tool is not so good if you wanna make background transparency or create something really good looking.

I found one web page (hope i can add links)

In here are something that i want. But because i’m bad in coding i don’t know how to change in how i want and if i can…

For example:

I just want something like this. Simple and nice.

If somebody can help this noobie (me) it was really great. :slight_smile:

or… If this hard to create maybe you can send me in right direction. I know it take a lot time but i try do something.

In link that i give i try something. For example add extra lines (from 3 to 5) change follow colors and other things. Even make box transparency.

My problem that i don’t know for example how move second box to right. Make it smaller. How add colors if there is one priority color.

I believe you think that i don’t know anything. Well… :slight_smile: maybe you right. But i just need push in right direction. It’s good that i want to learn new things. I just need little help.

ok. So if somebody can help I’ll be thankful. :slight_smile:

I have discord. I will not annoy. It would be great to have friend. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.