Twitch Project: CodePen, HTTPS, JS not loading

I just realized that when I load the page over https, the search stops working. Could anyone help me figure out what is happening? I somehow messed up my code because this older version ( is still working.

Here is the project:

I appreciate any help, thanks!

Regardless of whether I use http or https, I’m getting a lot of errors in the browser console. I’d take a look at those before I moved on. CTRL-SHFT-J for Chrome on Windows. for other configs.

I think you need to address those first. I’m not really sure what your project is trying to accomplish - you seem to have a very different idea of what the Twitch build is than I did.

So, we have to do exactly what they do? I thought we could just do our own thing as long as we complete the user stories.

I did see the errors(I’m getting 5), but I don’t know how to fix them.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but it does have to fulfill the user stories and it has be be “functionally similar”. Looking at your output and scanning your code, It’s not clear to me what’s going on. But maybe I’d just need to see the final product. Granted, I found that build the most confusing - I had a hard time figuring out what they wanted, compounded by the fact that I had no idea what Twitch was.

Yeah, I’d definitely fix those errors before moving on. I think a big mistake people are making is trying to do too much too fast and moving on before they are sure how or if what they’ve written works. I’m a fan of the incremental approach. Add something new, make sure it works, make sure you understand it, then add the next thing.

I’d definitely focus on those errors, I might even suggest creating a separate program to test out some of those tough code bits and make sure you can get it to work without the distractions of other code and errors.

Take a look, try to figure out what’s going on with your errors, do some google searches, and if you can’t get anything, come back and ask for help.

I am redoing the project… I did fix a few errors. I noticed that the rest of them are caused by the iframe. I don’t know why… I got the code from Twitch. :confused: