Twitch Tv: If statements and appends?

Hey, campers!

I am finishing up the TwitchTV project but have been struggling to figure out how to append some code with jQuery. This code needs to check the API to see if a user is streaming or not, then, depending on if he or she is or not, append information to an already dynamic, jQuery produced html.

Take a look at my JavaScript code. Right now, under the “status” row, you will see each user has info. If the user is offline, I would simply like to have the html read “offline.” If the user is online, I would like it to read "Online: " plus a short description of what the channel is about (the stream information is stored in a variable called “stream,” and the short description is stored in a variable called “statusWhat”).

I’m sorry if that is a bit confusing. I think seeing the code will make things clear:

If anything is unclear, please do not hesitate to ask. I am thankful for all help.

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