Twitch TV Issue listing followers on the FCC channel

I’ve fumbled my way through the lesson and want to display a list of users following FCC
When I try to loop through each user using a function I get the message from the ‘analyze JS’:
‘Don’t make functions within a loop.’

I’m getting back one user and their information but the rest are cut off.
Comments welcome

Check your console for errors. I’m seeing TypeError: is null. If a user is not online and streaming, then querying the Twitch API at /streams will not return much data.

I get 9 followers of FCC, their logo and their online status
My trouble is I can’t loop through the followers even though I can console.log them out
I’m only getting the first follower

I use Postman to check the status…it’s free :slight_smile:

Your code is iterating through the followers just fine (I can log their names), but when you try to access while the value is null, script execution stops. It looks like you’re not looping through the followers because stream is null for the first follower.

Here’s what each response object from the /stream url looks like:

stream is null.

Yes I see the fault was I copied the url from above in the code and saw that I didn’t change the following[y] to following[z]

Now i’m not getting anything back in my list??? Even though I had one result yesterday it didn’t come up when I logged in today.