project - ajax success but match not found in json object

I type the twitch api with a twitch username into my browser and can view the json object. I successfully connect via $.ajax request (in getLogo function) but the code in my success handler is not finding the json.logo value?! :astonished:

Here is the link to my twitch app on codepen

I have been coding and researching non-stop for past 2 days on this project trying to deal with asynchronous nature of multiple ajax requests. I am avoiding nesting my ajax requests with callbacks to improve readability and not using ES6 native promises for backward compatibility. I am using a series of $.when().then in conjunction with deferred objects to enforce sequentiality of the functions. Hopefully I got it right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Any help or pointers you can provide with either of my two problems is greatly appreciated. :smiley:

In your $.ajax call, you had jsonType: ‘json’, but there is not such property called jsonType. You want to use dataType: ‘json’

Thank you, it works now.