Twitch tv Project- out of scope again, but what do you think?


I said in another post I wasnt going to bother with this one seeing as its being depreciated soon, but i went and had a look at it and got drawn in :blush:

have been beavering awayat this for over a week and enjoyed every second! Let me know what you think or if you find a bug.

Mark :slight_smile:


Awesome! Most of the twitch projects just show a list of hard coded channels, which makes the project seem useless. But this is great! And its responsive as well. Really good job.

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Thank you, useful is what I was aiming for! :grinning:

I totally agree with BenGitter. Very creative and complete project, congrats for thinking outside the box!

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That is very nice! Great job!

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Hey there @MARKJ78

You made me wanna do my Twitch project again. It’s the most complete Twitch project I have ever seen. Font’s are great loved the idea of being able to play the streams by just clicking the button present on the card. hat’s off dude.


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One thing that I found missing according to the User stories. A filter function was required. But your design makes that function totally invalid to be required at all as every thing can be found right in front of screen.

@IsaacAbrahamson @JacksonBates @nawazishali

Thankyou for the feedback, your encouraging me to continue! I just now gave the menu a bit of a responsive once over so now everything fits really well even on small devices like iphone 5.


Hi mate :+1:, I came to that conclusion too when i reviewed the user stories. There was no point adding it.

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