project - question about well width

Hello campers,

Here’s my project.

Two questions:

  1. When I make my browser narrow, the information inside the wells get distorted. How to avoid that?

  2. Take a look at the full blown page. There is always a horizontal slider bar at the bottom. Why is that?

Thank you for taking the time.



There is no horizontal slider bar when I view the page. I checked with Firefox and Chrome.

The answer to the first question… You can avoid it by using the bootstrap grid properly.

  • In: class='col-md-2 col-xs-2' col-md-2 is redundant setting the value for the smaller screen will be inherited by larger screens. You only set the value for the larger screen if it’s different from the one for the smaller.
  • Put the grid inside a div with a class row. Then make new divs with col-xs- classes within. In your case that would be 3 divs: logo, name and description. Now, when you add add numbers to col-xs- make sure that they add up to 12, so in your case that would be something like col-xs-2 for the logo col-xs-3 for the name and col-xs-7 for the description. Experiment and change the numbers if that’s not quite right. You can also use col-xs-offset- to add empty columns.
  • If that doesn’t explain it clearly enough, perhaps check the bootstrap grid documentation for an in depth info

Btw, I thought your page looked really nice. Loved the background :slight_smile: