I was getting ready to start this project and wanted to checkout some others for inspiration, and just to check them out in general. Has anyone experienced problems getting the streams to play? Every project I have tried to checkout doesn’t work, I thought maybe it was chrome but the same happens across browsers. Is there a problem with the connectivity to the api? I want to build this project out, but I also want it to function, If its not going to work I would rather move on to the intermediate algorithms section.

i got same probleme all the time in chrome browser the js code doesnt works some time & i dont know why !!

You mean when you click on a stream’s link, then the twitch page shows but video doesn’t load?

I’ve noticed that the same happens to me on browser but not mobile. Also, if you type the same link in Google, it also doesn’t load. I don’t understand it either, but I still recommend doing the project. It’s really good practice.

Same problem here. The links work when I click them on their website but the ones used on <a> elements are not working. Maybe they have some sort of security key so people can only watch them on their site.