TwitchTV app - Comments && Instructions are very welcome!

Hi all, I just finished my TwitchTV app

But I do have a question: Currently, I have to send the requests as many as the given array length, is there any way I can combine them into one? Because if later the array grows, the requests number and the page loading time will increase as well. The only solution I can imagine is to add a load more button at bottom, so initially the page will only load a couple pieces of data. If there is any other solution out there, please give me a hint.

Thank you in advance!!!

Very great UI, love the theme! well done.

This is responsive, very good!

The theme and UI scheme is really great!

CHecked some CSS rules, some are using relative units like em, and some using absolute units like pixel. Having all in relative is maximum sync as responsive page.

And only on small issue, and it’s about loading the channels! At the tart, when page(js code) starts calling the API to grab the channels, there is no any loading indicator! You may show something(even a simple loading… text is fair) while calling nad loading data is under progress, and remove it once data is loaded.

Very good work. Keep going on great work! happy programming.

Thank you for you reply and suggestion!! I will modify it sooner or later!!