TwitchTV app need feedback also I have a question

Hello guys/girls,
I think I have finished twitchtv challenge but would like to receive your feedback before I submit it in case I’m missing on something, or if you think somethings could be done better way you are welcome to provide suggestions.

here is github link:

Also my question is about using github pages instead of codepen, since I have already built it there is it possible to submit github page link or should it absolutely be done on codepen?

Edit… since I didn’t get any response yet I copied my code on codepen so you can check it there as well

but I would still like to get answer for my question.

Hi mdivani, it looks very good! Congrats… as far as I remember there’s a user history that you must complete, asking to have a place to notify when a user is missing… Check the specs again…

Another tip is to add some viewport rules to your HTML to make it mobile first, because opening here at my phone it looked a little small…

About github, I’m doing same as you… I’m building challenges in local repo and github, but then when I finish, I just copy the codes to codepen…

I hope I could help

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Thanks for replay, I will fix it to look more mobile friendly, as for missing user story I don’t see such request maybe it got removed? Also I think I didn’t get what exactly that requirement means :smiley:

Thanks again you definitely helped :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, didn’t thought about adding tooltip but its definitely great idea, will try to fix margins as well… and yeah I noticed that search input is not correctly centered and was going to fix it but than totally forgot about it, thanks for that too :))

Nah that just shows that user is offline. I had one user which doesn’t seams to exist anymore but completely removed him from my code since I didn’t thought I should’ve showed that he doesn’t exists. will try to come up with nice solution for that too.

Yes, it could be not needed anymore I don’t know… The requirement was to have like 2 missing users (names that aren’t already present at twitchtv database) and the you’d get a missing user API response… And then you’d need to have somewhere in your app to show this message that the user wasn’t found

Check mine… Go to the bottom of the app you’ll see an example of the notifications implemented… Hope it helps :v::v: