TwitchTV logo size [Sovled]

Anyone else have trouble changing the logo sizes? If I try to specify a size in the img tag it only returns a broken link.

Here is my code for the section:

var url = ""+data[i]"";
      var logo = data[i].stream.logo;
      $('#channel').append('<div class="well row online"><div class="col-sm-5"><img src=' +logo+ '></div><div class="col-sm-5"><h4><a href='+url+' target="_blank">' +data[i].stream.display_name+ '</a></h4></div><div class="col-sm-2"></div></div>');
      $('.online').css("background-color", "#f7fa30");```

It briefly worked for a minute and now it’s back to not working. Maybe I’m going insane! haha

Okay I figured it out! The problem was that I was missing a space after my ’ and before class:<img src=' +logo+ ' class="img-responsive img-rounded" width="25%">

Hopefully someone else can learn from my stupid mistake :wink:

Use max-width a and max-height to force a semi-fixed size across all sizes. Width and height still scale to very large with a bug enough screen.

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