TwitchTv Not Displaying

Once again, I can’t get the call to display. I don’t know what I keep missing. My API call works, I see it pulled in the console BUT nothing is displaying on page. Please check it out anyone and let me know whats wrong:

I could be missing something as my coffee hasn’t yet kicked in, but it looks to me like you’re attempting to add html content to elements with IDs that don’t exist in your html code; e.g.,:

if ( === null) {
                $("#fcc").html("FreeCodeCamp is currently offline");
            } else {
                $("#fcc").html("FreeCodeCamp is currently online");

…there is no element with the ID “fcc” in your html code that I can see. Same with your references to IDs b1, b2 and b3 later on in your js code.

Lol no it’s me. I have been changing the code over a week now, trying different things to get it to show and these were left by mistake. It still won’t display with or without

Looks like you got the fcc status to show now, so that’s good. Happy to take another look if you like after you’ve made more changes.