Two applications, one code. What to do?

I started creating applications for the phone, and I’m just starting to learn how to write code on my own, for this reason I take the code partly from the Internet. Now I have one theme of two applications and I looked at both codes and realized that they are more similar … Who knows how to avoid this? What would be the code for each unique?
Looking for a solution on the Internet, I found such a service, it seems to help, but maybe someone worked with it, what can you say?

It turns out that I have two applications on the same topic, but there is no point in writing two different functionalities, it is long and confusing. I want to take one code for two applications and make it only look different, but the inside is the same.

Yes, I want to use this one code for two applications. But rename some components. That is, I do not have a second code. I heard that there are services for code analysis, right?
Found the AppRefactroing service, have you heard of it?

Maybe he means “components” in a non-technical sense? Like things in the UI?

I too am having trouble understanding what you mean.

If you mean that the programs are the same but the difference is that the colors and text change mostly, then you might consider one program but it can load up different data files that contain that other stuff. This could be done at build time or run time.

Yes I understand. Thank you! Have you heard about the AppRefactoring service? He seems to be doing an analysis for the source, do you think it’s worth using?

It seems to be a service for checking code plagiarism, eg if you hire a developer you can run the code they produce through the service to check if they have just copied it from somewhere else. Alternatively it could be a service to make tweaks to code that’s been copied to make it not look like it’s a direct copy to bypass app store plagiarism checks. I’m not sure which of these two things the service is.

As it is, it has nothing at all to do with what you seem to be trying to do


Yes, that’s exactly what I need. As I wrote above, I have one code for two applications and I would like to make 2 unique applications. That is, do not waste time creating new code, but use a service that can do it for me

I don’t think you understand. That service doesn’t create code or apps.

I’m still not clear - are you a programmer?

Sounds like you want to use something like Expo maybe?

So you do want to bypass the app store review guidelines on clone apps? ie you have two apps and they are exactly the same but you would like to add cosmetic differences?

Yes, I am a programmer. But I’m just starting out, I’ve only been writing code for a couple of months. This service, as I understand it, makes a unique code

Yes, you understand me correctly. Just spend time writing new code every time, for the same topic it takes a lot of time

If you understand it, then use it.

I’m just going off what I read from their web site.

Automated Software Сode Verification And Refactoring

Fast and secure verification of code uniqueness. Increasing code quality.

I don’t see anything about it “making unique code”. It detects non-unique code, as I understand it.

But it sounds like you are just trying to cheat the app store. I don’t want to help you do that. There is a reason why they don’t want multiple apps with the same code, developers flooding the app store with the same app over and over so they can drown out the competition. That sounds like what you are trying to do. I cannot think of another reason why you would want two apps with the same code. You are asking for help in violating their TOS and do something I find unscrupulous. I have no interest in helping you do that.

Really, that service is there to detect (among other things) people doing what you want to do.

Yes, you understand me correctly. Just spend time writing new code every time, for the same topic it takes a lot of time

But why do you need multiple versions of the same app? What is the purpose?

This is going to be against the terms of service of the two major app stores. You’re just creating clones, you’re trying to figure out ways of doing this, of spamming the stores, without getting caught. If the reviewers (automated and manual) catch you doing this, they’ll block your developer accounts and kill your apps, and they will be more than justified doing so. So I can’t in good faith give you any advice here except to not do this.


It’s like carsharing, for example, there are more than 100 applications in this area and they have one essence and the application code is similar to each other. That is, I’m talking about the same thing, in order not to get banned, I need to make a unique code.

No, it’s not the same. The point isn’t that the apps stores don’t want different apps that do the same thing. The point is that they don’t want each company to make multiple copies of their same app. They aren’t saying that there can only be one sudoku app on the store. They are saying that one company can’t make and upload 100 versions of the same app so that it blocks out any competition and then everyone starts doing that and then it becomes an unmanageable mess. If you think you can make a great sudoku app, make it and upload it once. If you think you have more than one idea for two sudoku apps that are substantially different (one aimed at kids, one with advanced types of games, etc.) then that would probably be fine. But trying to upload basically the same app where you’ve just made trivial changes to the code to sneak it past their safeguards so you can spam their service with your app…

I mean, we have to assume that is what you are trying to do. I cannot think of any other reason to do it, and even after being confronted on this a few times, you have failed to provide a reason why.

We can argue in circles, but what you are asking to do is clearly a violation of the ToS of these services and is (imho) unethical. You are asking help in violating the ToS and to do it sneakily so you can get away with it, violating both the letter and intent of the ToS and doing something, that if everyone does it, would make the app stores unusable messes.


You are being evasive, tell us what you are actually doing, what you are making.

Giving an example of some other kind of app as an example is meaningless. Yes there are lots of car sharing apps. But there are lots of places in the world (all with different laws and languages and constraints) where people share cars and might want an app to do that. And different individuals and companies and governments and organizations and developers and designers etc etc will all have different ideas about how they might approach the problem. Not to mention that there are lots of companies trying to make money from car sharing in some way. All of these different organizations and individuals in different places aren’t going to just band together and make one app that everyone uses, that’s not how stuff happens.

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