Two false positives on "Restrict Possible Usernames"

I don’t know if reporting this is useful, but I’ll do it anyway just in case.

I assume the most common solution to this problem is:

let userCheck = /^[a-z][a-z]+\d*$|^[a-z]\d\d+$/i;

However, the page never checks for a username that starts with a letter and has more than two numbers after it (e.g., “A123”), making the “+” omissible and giving a false positive with

let userCheck = /^[a-z][a-z]+\d*$|^[a-z]\d\d$/i;

The second false positive is less important since you wouldn’t do this, but this also gives a false positive:

let userCheck =/^[a-z][a-z]+\d*$|^[a-z]\d\w$/i;

Witch shouldn’t be possible since it can’t have a number in the middle of the user name.

For clarity, both regexes are passing all current tests, but they are not giving correct results for some other usernames:

  • /^[a-z][a-z]+\d*$|^[a-z]\d\d+$/i doesn’t match valid usernames with more than two numbers at the end - i.e. A123.
  • /^[a-z][a-z]+\d*$|^[a-z]\d\w$/i is specifically matching, invalid, usernames with three characters having number in the middle, i.e. B3R.

Would you be interested in creating issue for this problem in the github repository?

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