Two Projects feedback

Hi, I’m happy to be here again.
It would help me a lot to know what you think of my new proposals. Thanks.

Tribute Page

Survey Form

You have built stunning projects. I like them both.

I would be glad to suggest some improvements to make it even more awesome.

  1. You should add Media querry for smaller width device and make your both header and form container to cover all width of mobile device, right now on mobile device everything get squezzed up.

Note : I see that you used max-width : 70%; in your Getrude project#main container. But if you think about this, you are saying that element can cover maximum 70% of the screen size, so even on small or lager screeen it will cover only 70%; it’s same as width : 70%; Instead of this you should use this next tip

Tip :you can define max-width : 1200px; (whatever the maxium width you like ) on your #header and form container. That way on small screen it wil cover as much as it can and on large screen it will cover till 1200px;

Benefit : This way you won’t need media querry as well.

  1. Use em and Rem for font size to reduce them with respect to screen size, or you can add specific font size for small width devices in media querry.
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Hi @munaffazlani. I took your advice and made some changes. I hope it works better on small screens.
Thank you!

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Good Job, It looks Awesome.

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