Two registration screens for two roles

I’m currently developing a tax management system with Laravel. Clients can submit their documents via the system and tax agents can review those documents. I need to develop two registration screens, one for clients and one for internal tax agents. Because their registration procedure is different.

How can I implement this in a web page? Not coding wise just screen wise.

Hey there,

what are your (wild) ideas to implement this?

As shown on the screen, when a client click on Application it shows screen (1).
After entering the mail address and send, the client will receive the registration link.
Once clicked on registration link, (2) register screen is displayed and able to register.
But this procedure is for clients. Agents are behind the scene. They also should be able to register by entering username and password by using a different screen. Then login review all documents submitted by clients.

To where I can add agent registration screen link on the page?
Or any other suggestion please.