Type attripute se

the type attribute should be used to select checkbox
[type=’checkbox’]{margin: 10px 0px 15px 0px;}

what’s going on? what kind of help do you need? what challenge are you doing?

What @ilenia said.

Anyway, it is checkbox not chechbox.

still not work I do it 3 hours but no use

what are you trying to do? we can’t help you if you don’t provide context

margin-tob: 10px mmargin-bottom: 15px;}

You have 4 typos in the code you posted and you are missing a semicolon.

Paste the full code you have in the challenge here. Use the </> button on the toolbar above the text box you type into when making a forum post. Then paste the code where it tells you to.

Edit: Also, please always include a link to the challenge you need help with.