Type.fit - minimalistic typing practice service

Following the tutorials, recently I’ve created a mini web service to practice typing: https://type.fit.

It uses Angular and HashStore to keep data in the URL hash. It’s a simple way to transfer app state, without keeping the data on the back-end.

Data is stored like this: https://type.fit/#{“text”:“FreeCodeCamp%20is%20a%20tiny%20non-profit%20that’s%20helping%20millions%20of%20people%20learn%20to%20code%20for%20free.%20Keep%20typing,%20keep%20coding.”}

Please check the service and provide some suggestions. Cheers.

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that’s really cool and has awesome animation and color.

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Thanks, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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nicely done, fun site.

Suggestion would be to automatically load some new text when you restart the typing test.

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Thanks @AdventureBear, good point.
I was thinking about loading random inspirational quotes.

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@AdventureBear, check this out, I’ve just added a button which shows a random text for typing: