Type of app in "Cat Photo App" HTML exercise

I am brand new to coding so I am still confused about basic principles. As I was working on “Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App” I noticed it was looking different than other apps I personally use. I found an article about web apps, mobile apps, and progressive web apps. Could someone explain which type of app the Cat Photo App is and how I can tell the difference? Do I just look to see if the code is written in a language used for specific platforms?

Hello and welcome!

It seems so different to you because it’s written in pure HTML, without the CSS that is used to style a website.

CSS will come later in the course and the apps you will be building will look more and more familiar.

As of what kind of app, maybe a personal website or blog.


For now just learn to follow the steps in the exercise and every other thing will just fall in place I can promise you that. Happy coding.

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Thank you! I looked into it a little bit more an I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know the difference between a website and a web app.

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For most purposes, “web app” versus “website” depends on who is speaking. Developers tend to say “web app” because we work on the entire application and therefor view it as a whole piece of software. Everyone else just says “website” because from their perspective it’s just something that they go to in their browser and they don’t think about it much.

Some developers might choose to make distinctions between different types of sites and applications, but that’s just because nerds like taxonomy.