Type writer animation

I followed a guide on how to make this work, but as you can see, my border height is very tall. I cannot figure out how to edit this. How can I achieve this?
Also, how can I make its text responsive?


Hi there,

first, I suggest you run “Analyze CSS” on your CSS until you get rid of all duplicate selectors:

Also, you might want to run your site through Validator, there are other issues with the code: https://validator.w3.org/nu/

Thank you! I actually had no idea it could analyze it for you. I went ahead and fixed the duplicates.

Do you know how to fix the issues I posted about?

Hey @aetonesm

I looked at it, and the one thing that makes it really high is that the element has a padding. You can fix this by just adding padding-top: 0; to the typewriter div.