TypeError: Cannot read property 'Mike' of undefined

Hi everybody, why my code have typeError? I could not understand. Thanks for helping

function Dictionary(){
	this.add = add;
	this.datastore = new Array();
	this.find = find;
	this.remove = remove;
	this.showAll = showAll;

function add(key, value){
	this.datastore[key] = value;

function find(key){
	return this.datastore[key];

function remove(key){
	delete this.datastore[key];

function showAll() {
    Object.keys(this.datastore).forEach( function(key, index) {
       console.log(key + "->" + this.datastore[key]);

var pbook = new Dictionary();
pbook.add("Mike", "123");
pbook.add("David", "345");
pbook.add("Cynhia", "456");
console.log("David's extension: " + pbook.find("David"));

Your datastore is an array, wrong data structure.

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In the line above, this does not correspond to the Dictionary function. Inside the forEach, this refers to Object.keys(this.datastore) which is an array of keys.

You could assign this.datastore to a temp variable and refer to it inside your forEach callback function.

function showAll() {
    var datastore = this.datastore;
    Object.keys(this.datastore).forEach( function(key, index) {
       console.log(key + "->" + datastore[key]);

Thanks so much ! thankful for answer :slight_smile: