Typo in Use * to Import Everything from a File

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The breakdown code on this page is missing a semicolon:

import * as object_with_name_of_your_choice from "file_path_goes_here"

I think that’s what’s throwing people off.

Side question: If I wanted to just create this issue and fix it myself, how would I do that? Can I do it purely through github?

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"use strict";
import * as myObj from "capitalize_strings";

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Bugs should always be reported as GitHub Issues.

If you’d like to submit a PR to fix this yourself, you can check out the contributing guide.

I already looked at that guide, but it only explains how to do it by downloading all of the necessary software to contribute through command line on your own computer. I’m just talking about fixing a typo. I shouldn’t need to go through all of that downloading and updating for such a simple fix, right?

Also, my main confusion is navigating the repository to find that particular code to fix, not what software is necessary to contribute using my own personal setup.

The best resource for specific questions about contributing would be the Contributors chat room.