Typography Step 53

Instructions read:
After your last .divider , create a new p element with the text Cholesterol 0mg 0% . Wrap the text Cholesterol in a span element, and give that span element the class of bold . Wrap the text 0% in another span element, with the class of bold . Finally, nest the Cholesterol span element and the text 0mg in an additional span element for alignment.

I have tried so many different ways and everything just comes up incorrect. Here is an example of what I have tried:

  <span class="bold">Cholesterol</span>
    <span class="bold">0mg</span>
    <span> 0%</span>

What am I missing??

Need to show your entire code not just parts of it.

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You just need to put it in a Paragraph tag…

Put your Cholesterol and 0% in a span with calss bold

Put your Cholesterol and and 0mg in anothor span… be sure to add this span before the

first span at starting and no need to add class in this one :blush:

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