Tyrion Lannister Tribute Page Feedback

Hello everyone! I’m looking fr some feedback on my tribute page project. Please let me know what you think, any suggestions would be welcome!



Wow! Nice layout and font choices. I would have put the h2 “I drink and I know things” in the same div immediately after the h1 title in order to get rid of the gap in the text. When I did that, though, I noted that it left the bottom of the images cut off, and I worked around this by inserting another div using the min-height style property. Perhaps there would be a better way of doing that, but I’m still learning, too.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback! I had a lot of trouble with that gap, I wound up pushing the h2 top margin into the negative as much as I could but, like what happened for you, it started getting cut off. I think it has something to do with the images in the header but I haven’t been able to find a fix for that.

I also can’t get the h1 to be mobile responsive but everything is a work in progress and we’re all learning.

Thanks again!

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I like the layout, and the use of images with content. One thing that I would change (and this might just be a nit picky thing with me), is I would have the text “Character Highlights” line up with the top of the image, this is just a personal preference for me.

But overall good job.