Udemy course worthed?

I’m thinking of buying Jonas Schedtmann advanced css course? how is it? did it step your game up?
Also andrei neagoie course. Please do give a review thanks

Check YouTube first. I bought a Udemy course that was complete and completely free on Youtube from the same creator.

Pretty sure that’s pirated, but im actually interested in buying for the closed captions (not a native speaker) and also starter code, plus q and a

how’s the course tho?

Hmm, possibly. Anyway, I just bought it on Udemy because it looks very deep, I like the look of his teaching style, and it’s good to support people who give a lot of knowledge.

Udemy has a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you do not like the course in 30 days, you can get your money back.

I got a discount code from Udemy’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz0fbFviLIU
This course covers CSS, Grid, SASS, flexbox and animations.

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Yes that course is totally worth it, it took me a week to complete it. Before taking that course, I relied on Bootstrap, and didn’t really know how to lay things out and make pages responsive. But after the course I came out with so much knowledge about CSS, not just basic CSS but advanced concepts as well.

I can say that it really stepped up my game, I even went back and redid my portfolio, and it really shows, not only do you come out with CSS knowledge, but it helped me with my design skills, as Jonas lay out his projects in a modern and beautiful look, and for spending that much time doing the course, you tend to pick up some ideas / concepts for your own designs.


Thank you both so much
ive bought the course based on your feedback

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Yes, I think it is worth because some courses can offer you the information that you can’t find in the Youtube or anywhere else. Another learning platform that I’m using is BitDegree. Sometimes I find there Udemy courses that are cheaper than on the Udemy website.

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I would not say that, very good courses are still being published there.

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Did you get a discount code or first user discount?

I have to say that I’ve been using CSS for a while as a hobbyist, and I have learnt a lot in a few days. It is great that you start building a project very soon into the course.

I have noticed that Jonas uses a Mac, which has caused some confusion in the SASS /NPM lectures among Windows users, because he uses the command line to install SASS and compile it into CSS. Command line commands are different in Windows because IOS is similar to Unix/Linux. If your use Windows you must listen carefully in those lectures.
I’m glad I’m a Linux user.

I think you will find the course extremely rewarding, that is if I am describing the same course you just bought.

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i am actually, i will make sure to pay attention

I did that Udemy course, and I plan to go through the lectures and coding again. Jonas has a deep understanding of how to use CSS.

Enjoy the course! I’m sure you’ll walk away with tons of knowledge that you never thought was possible!