Udemy Newbie seeks Udemy Veteran for help connecting Notepad to FTP to Webpage

Any Help Greatly Appreciated and I throw my myself at your mercy,

I have continuous problems with connecting to re-start lessons. It’s enthusiasm crushing stuff.

So far my experience with Udemy support has been surprising. Great lessons, but totally incapable of providing simple, specific directions in easy to follow steps.

Notepad is open with html file to page for lesson
Html files are set to open by default in Notepad
Browser webpage open to same webpage I have been working on for weeks

FTP is unlocked at Control Panel - No error messages

FTP says it is connected - HOWEVER I notice HOST in FTP is (, which is same as Control Panel, BUT different to all pages I have been previously working on (

Is this a problem?

I tried replacing with and got no connection at all - which is correct?

Is there a checklist of steps I can take to connect without this drama?

Is there anyway to contact a human at Udemy to get real time help to sort this out?

Mega thanks in advance!