Uh-oh! Another TRIBUTE PAGE for feedback!?

Hello people, if you couldn’t guess I’ve recently started going through the front-end portion of challenges. I say recently, but I’ve been kind of spinning tires for a week and each time I check on others’ pages for feedback I feel like I’m trying harder than is necessary.

So at this point I believe my best option is to hear some response at what really needs to be done there. Keep in mind that most of the text is filler at the moment; lorem ipsum in the main body, and a bit of description and flavor from the top of my head. What I really need help with is the styling (colors, positions, etc) and just any suggestions to make it feel a little less generic. Thanks for checking it out, and any help guys can offer.


Hey, looks like you did a lot of work already. One thing I would do is to give the first div with class container-fluid a max width. Now if I look at the website in full screen the text is stretched over the full width of the page and the first picture if taller than my screen.

Yeah, I was trying to figure the best way of sizing everything between just using the max width of the screen and bootstrap. I think I ended up with a strange combo of both, kinda having issues with all the images actually, thanks for the suggestion. fingers crossed

Is there a reason you put the css in the html component? That’s generally bad practice since it makes code harder to read and maintain. But otherwise, I like it (y)

Honestly I really hated the idea of having the CSS and HTML split, I felt like it would be better to learn putting altogether, still a newb but seems easier for me that way.

Anyway I spent some time filling the text and playing with the max-width and such, looks a lot nicer now so unless there’s any more suggestions I think I’m ready to submit! Let me know if you guys have any last minute comments and thanks for the help! :thumbsup: