UI Design repo flagged as spam

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I posted in #design my open & free repository about UI Design (290+ stars in Github) , but it was flagged as spam and hidden in just 10 minutes. Even one person liked and commented in the thread, but it continues hidden.

To decide whether or not to continue contributing, I’d like to know if this type of contribution are always be marked as spam.


It’s the way you posted it; with that post, you had one contribution to the forum, and that contribution was a post that’s basically a link with very little explanation. In general posts that fit that profile are spam, and will get flagged. In this case, I think it’s been a bit of a knee-jerk reaction – I’ve relisted the post, so you should be good.

Yeah, I agree.

I thought it was the best I could contribute to begin with, but it sounds like “Hey, everybody, look at my creation”…and nothing else. It’s not a good first impression.

So I added the sections inside the repository, so they can have a better description.

Thank you for reviewing it, I hope to bring more value to the community.

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