UI Design repository

Hi, I’m a self taught Designer / CSS Dev.

Want to take a look at my UI Design repository with over 400 resources? https://github.com/tipoqueno/UI-Design

These are the sections:

  • Learn
    • Principles
    • Books
    • Articles
    • Disciplines
    • Courses
    • Design Systems
    • Patterns
    • Techniques
    • Newsletters
    • Websites & Blogs
    • Communities
  • Tools
    • Pen & Paper :wink:
    • Design Apps
    • Complementary tools
    • Testing Apps
    • Languages
    • Libraries & Frameworks
    • Tools
  • Resources
    • Inspiration
    • Freebies
    • APIs

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Thanks! :clap:t2:
I’m web designer & frontend dev, I want learn UI design.

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Nice to know!

It seems that the post was flagged as spam :frowning:

Should be fixed, sorry about that. This collection is brilliant by the way, thank you for collating it.

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@tipoqueno this is brilliant :slight_smile:

As I want to learn UX and UI design, this will be very useful, so thank you for this. Bookmarked. :bookmark:

yeah, sorry, knee jerk reaction… awesome collection, I am bookmarking it!

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Repo starred and message bookmarked!
Thank you a ton for sharing :smiley:

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It’s an honor, coming from the author of the great serie on Principles of Web Design :slight_smile:

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That is really kind of you! Although, I am just like yourself - just helping out :slight_smile: