Ukelele landing page feedback please :)

Hello, any feedback on my ukelele landing page will be welcome :slight_smile:
The link is:


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Well I tried hard but I didn’t find any issue. It’s looking good, it’s responsiveness is good. Nice colors, paddings are ok.
I just can’t judge that grid-layout (I’ve not been working with it jet)
I’ll take: Quimele.

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jajajaj thanks!!! Grid is not really doing anything, I used it trying to fix an error but It didn’t work. My nav bar has a variable size, and is fixed at the top of the page using position:sticky. The problem is that with that NavBar, anchor points used to navegate are not working properly, because they’re not considering the height of the nav bar. I used a provisional soluion but iI have to think how to fix it properly.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

very nice! looks better than some real ukulele shops I saw before :wink:

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Thank you Alveek, I think I neet to improve a lot of things but I will wait until I know some javascript to do it. Thanks for your feedback :)!