Ul bar snap to the edges

How do you make ul navigation bar snap to the edges?

There are 3 strips that need to snap to the edges:
ul, div class=“bottom_frame”, and div class=“bottom_strip”

Here’s my code so far:

  <li><a class="active" href="#home">About</a></li>
  <li><a href="{% url 'register' %}">Register</a></li>

<div class="bottom_frame">
    <img src="{% static 'img/double_bottomed_frame.png' %}" width= 100% alt="Trulli">
  <div class="bottom_strip">


ul {
  list-style-type: none;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  overflow: hidden;
  background-color: #004E4E;
  font-family: 'Roboto Slab', serif;

Hi @Aimslee ,

I understand that you want the ul and the divs to cover the entire width of the page. To do so, you can remove the default margin of the body tag:

body {
        margin: 0px;

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