Unable to add an image

Hello, currently I am attempting to add an image. It states that " Your image should have a src attribute that points to the kitten image." I added the src and alt as it wanted me to but still no luck. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help with this.

Your code so far

<img src="https://bit.ly/fcc-relaxing cat"alt="Relaxing cat">

<p>Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.</p>
<p>Purr jump eat the grass rip the couch scratched sunbathe, shed everywhere rip the couch sleep in the sink fluffy fur catnip scratched.</p>

Welcome to the forums @Stitious.
Read the lesson again paying close attention to the URL you’re asked to use. You’re missing one character. (Always a fun game playing spot the typo)

As an aside, if you click on the ‘Get Help’ it will include your code and the lesson you’re working on. Makes it easier for people to help you if they know what you’re referring to.

Thank you so much. If I never need help again I’ll make sure to post the lesson as well. I’m glad to be here, it’s quite fun learning something new!

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