Unable to code feeling demotivated

As i am working for startup they want me to code different things regularly but i get stuck on almost everything and then the comparison start of myself with other developers i am trying to do my best but still faces lots of problem .I do not know how to overcome this situation .As of now i am working on angular and typescript.please suggest me the ways to overcome this and how to improve my coding .

The idea that you’d be thrown into some complex code and instantly figure out everything is pure fantasy.

This is classic imposture syndrome the idea your a “fake” since your having trouble. Its totally normal to be stuck.

Angular a very complex framework, its not easy to learn as it forces you to learn a number of different things to use it properly. I recommend spending some time catching up on Angular itself, along with making sure you understand the basics. The basics go first, if you run into JS/TS code that you don’t understand learn it when you get a chance.

Practice practice practice. There are replacements for it, and nothing beats it. There is one thing I want to be clear about programming though. Being stuck is normal, and it is to be expected, regardless of your level of skill. The key is being able to eventually overcome being stuck and learning from it.
You can spend 5 minutes to 5 days dealing with dumb issues, but regardless of how you solve it, you will learn something. You can fail 500 ways and eventually figure it out, or get lucky and figure it out the first time, but then you don’t learn 500 new things!

Simply put, don’t worry about getting stuck, or having a difficult time. Seek out solutions, ask for help, learn from solutions and rinse and repeat. The faster you fail, the more you learn. It sucks getting stuck, but its the best way to learn.

PS. If your company provides any kind of training I’d go for it. If not and your expected to just “learn”, its up to you to go about the grind yourself. If your learning Angular, I recommend learning JS basics (if you don’t have that) using stuff like freeCodeCamp to brush up on basic JS skills. Then I’d go into understanding the basics of TypeScript, then I’ll go into how Angular works.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, be afraid of getting stuck, or being afraid of screwing stuff up when your learning.

Good luck!