Unable to complete survey form project due to Submit button test

//Here’s my code, the test shows problem for submit button,

  1. You should have an input or button element with an id of submit .
  2. Your submit should have a type of submit .
  3. Your submit should be a descendant of survey-form .
Employee survey form

Amazon Employees

    <form id="survey-form">
            <p id="description">
            Employee Details Form</p>     
            <legend>Personal Details:</legend>
                <label for="name" id="name-label">
                Enter your name:</label>
                <input type="text" id="name" name="name-label" placeholder="Username" required><br>
                <label for="email" id="email-label">
                Enter you email:</label>
                <input type="email" id="email" name="email-label" placeholder="Email-id" required><br>
                <label for="number" id="number-label">Age(18-60):</label>
                <input type="number" id="number" name="number-label" min="18" max="60" required placeholder="Age">
                <select name="Designation" id="dropdown">
                    <option value="Mg">Manager</option>
                    <option value="SA">Station Associate</option>
                    <option value="DA">Delivery Associate</option>
            <label for="punchinout"><input type="radio" value="rbutton" name="punchinout">IN</label>
            <label for="punchinout"><input type="radio" value="rbutton" name="punchinout">OUT</label>
                <label for="Aadhar"><input type="checkbox" value="Submit DOC">Aadhar-card</label>
                <label for="PAN"><input type="checkbox" value="Submit DOC">PAN-card</label>
                <label for="Driving License"><input type="checkbox" value="Submit DOC">Driving-License</label>
            <label for="comments" id="survey-form"></label>
            <textarea id="comment" name="comments" placeholder="Post you complaints or comments here">

            <button type="submit" value="Submit" id="submit">Submit</button>


Hello and welcome to the community :smiley:!

Your textarea element is missing a closing tag.
Happy coding!

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It worked, thanks a lot @anon86258595 .
Happy coding!

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