Unable to complete survey form tests in codepen (test 17)

On the survey form challenge page we are given 16 user stories. I have completed them but when I run the test I see that 16/17 test are completed. What is the 17th test??

Here is a Link to my codepen

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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You can click on the red test button to see the error message for the test you are not passing. It is telling you exactly why it is not passing.

Oh thank you, I have found the issue when I put my code in an HTML validator. I had forgotten to close a <button> tag because I thought that it was self closing like the <input> tag.

How do I close this discussion? This is my first time on the forum so please bear with my ignorance :sweat_smile:

There should be an option to mark one of the comments as the solution.

Also, just noticed you’re running linux. Shout out to a fellow linux user :partying_face:

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