Unable to complete user story 13 on survey form

according to user story 13 it requires one or more groups of radio buttons which there are and they should be grouped using the name attribute which they are, So im abit confused on what what to do next thank you.


You have some spelling issues:

                <input type="radio" id="otherKoennigsegg" name="Koenigsegg" value="otherKoennigsegg">

You need to be consistent with your spelling and capitalization.

If I fix this, the app passes for me.

Thank you so much! i spent hours looking for what i did wrong even used to html validator and i still couldn’t find it thank you!

That’s the way coding is - sometimes you just can’t see it. Sometimes you need another set of eyes to look.

I found it by commenting out radio button sections until I found the right section, then I started commenting out radio buttons until I found the culprit. Wouldn’t you know, it was the very last one.

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