Unable to detect media query or nav-href attribute

Hi everybody!
I having problem to pass the Product Landing Page test

The two errors I get is: 1)AssertionError: Each .nav-link element should have an href attribute : expected false to equal true.
2)No media queries detected : expected false to be true:

Error #1 does work, all nav-links has a href-attribute which links to the corresponding section of the homepage. I suspect something is overrides the detection since I have many classes and id:s.
Error #2 media query that I use is @import. Again I think some element/class/ids overrides

Thank you for your help

Try putting the .nav-link class directly on the <a> elements rather than on the <li> elements.

@import is not a media query, it’s an import. I don’t see any @media sections in your CSS. Try looking at some others’ product landing pages and check out the CSS for some examples of media queries. If you need a refresher on media queries, start here:


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I faced the same problem when it was showing connection failed with error 651 and not opening at all after that. So please help me with the fix so that I can connect it again.

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Thank you so much. It did work now thanks to your feedback.

Hi, i did not get this problem. What browser are you using?

Googling around suggests Error 651 is a Windows-specific thing having to do with PPPoE connections. If you’re getting it consistently, you may need to power-cycle your cable modem to get it to clear.