Unable to get systems location


I am facing problem to get my system location with the help of geolocation. In my company’s windows 10 system I am unable to get latitude and longitude while connecting to company’s network, for some systems like windows 7 system it gets latitude and longitude. What could be the reason? Location service is ‘On’ on my system. Consider this as urgent. Thanks in advance.

Maybe the user said “No” to “do you want to share your location?” on the browser.

Here is more explanation, I am getting value of latitude and longitude as NAN(https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_geolocation) on my windows 10 system which is in company network, but some of systems giving value in numbers in same network(those systems are windows 7 systems). For above mentioned link it does not ask me question if to allow to track location.

Location must be on. That let’s your device determine its own location.
Location services must be on. That allows the device to share its location.
Location services may need to be turned on for the specific browser or application with which you wish to share your location.

In a business network, there may also be firewalls or user permissions preventing location services.

Did you check all of those things?

Also, did you try on different browsers? Chrome seems to work out of the box, while Firefox and Edge seem to be more cautious.

I have made location and location services ‘ON’ on system settings and IE. But it won’t get latitude and longitude. Same machine if connected to mobile network it fetches data. Also on chrome and Firefox it won’t work, I got to know it is browser version issue.

One more thing to explain, if I give default location as company location in Setting->Privacy->Location then it gives me latitude and longitude.